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Post grad blues, a real thing

Okay so, it's not an official diagnosis but, "post-graduation blues" or "post-grad depression" is commonly used to describe the extreme sadness that recent college graduates experience after they leave behind the world they created during their college term. Though it has only been a few months since I walked across that stage I have something… Continue reading Post grad blues, a real thing

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The sentimental value in a cup of coffee

Today I thought I would let you, my readers know something a little personal about me. One of my favorite bloggers, BakedBree gave me the advice to always be myself on the blog and I LOVED this, so much that it inspired me. I'm sure you have noticed I don't focus on just one topic.… Continue reading The sentimental value in a cup of coffee

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Home sweet home

~A vacation, an escape from everyday life, it's good for your soul.¬†You start counting down the months...weeks...days...hours until you leave for the vacation you have been planning for what seemed liked forever. Then BAM! It's over and just like that you're back to reality. Well, I have always believed pictures capture memories and speak a… Continue reading Home sweet home

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8 Nashville date ideas for the summer

I don't know about you, but I feel like love songs and romance go hand in hand. Since Nashville is known as Music City, what better city to spark up your romance? As I was eating dinner with my boyfriend at The Stillery¬†the other night I thought about just that. There are so many places… Continue reading 8 Nashville date ideas for the summer