5 Cheese Baked Spaghetti

The other day I was craving spaghetti but I didn’t want to just make spaghetti, so I did something a little different…

I have always loved to cook. It’s simple, I love to eat. When I moved out of my parent’s house and started college, I asked my mom to make me a cookbook and write down all of her recipes. (Which I stall have and cherish so much, thanks Mom). Her recipes, Pinterest and a lot of self-teaching brought me here today.

Yeah, I know how to make all the basics but It wasn’t until Dylan and I moved into our house together that I really started experimenting and getting a lot better (even he has noticed). Dylan’s mom used to always cook for him and she always cooks for us when we go visit, so I kinda had to learn! I’m still not perfect of course, (I burn bread occasionally) but I really think I am so much better than I used to be.

Since I am really getting into it, I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of my experiments on here and how they turned out! I mean, who doesn’t love food!?

Here it is, my 5 Cheese Baked Spaghetti Recipe!


  • Prego Three Cheese Italian Sauce (about half a jar)
  • 1 pack of McCormick spaghetti seasoning
  • Creamette (thick & hearty) spaghetti noodles (about half a box)
  • 1 tbsp of paprika
  • 1 tbsp of garlic salt
  • 1 pack of sharp cheddar cheese (1st cheese)
  • 1 pack of parmesan cheese (2nd cheese)
  • 1 pack of  Mexican Blend cheese, which is a blend of Monterey Jack, Colby & mozzarella (3rd, 4th, and 5th cheese)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Step by Step. It’s simple, really…I just made spaghetti.

  • First I boiled water and added the noddles. I like to take the noddles and just break them in half so they’re easy to mess with.
  • Then I browned the meat and added the seasoning, garlic salt, paprika, and some salt and pepper.
  • Then I mixed it all together in a pan.
  • Then I sprinkled all of the different cheeses on top and smoothed it out.
  • Bake it on 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Enjoy 🙂


So I know this is a really simple and easy recipe but I thought that’s how I would start! I’ll share some more complex ones too!

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