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Lipstick problems

If you love long-lasting lipstick that comes in amazing shades, you have to give ColourPop a try. (<—-I linked their website so you can shop for yourself.) I will be the first to tell you that I am not a makeup expert but ColourPop is my absolute favorite makeup brand. Why? You ACTUALLY get your bang for your buck. Their ultra matte lipsticks are $6 each and last for months and months and months. I have ones that have even lasted me for years! Kylie Cosmetics charge $35 for a single tube of lipstick…. Believe me, I have tried them and no, I am not hating on her cosmetics but I promise you that ColourPop works just the same. It stays on my lips after many hours or work, talking or going out to eat.

It doesn’t just stop at Lipstick for ColourPop though. They have more! I have tried their other products as well and have yet to be disappointed.

DSC_1162These are only a few of the products I own from ColourPop… Eye Shadows, lip liners, lip sticks, eye liners and even makeup brushes. (I have many more lip sticks thrown around at work, in my car and buried somewhere in my purse. Regardless of where they are, I can always grab one, quickly put it on and feel much more confident.)

They also have highlighters, brushes, eye brow pencils, all sorts of palettes, concealers and much more. ColourPop was founded in 2014. I discovered it in 2016 when I commented on my friend’s lipstick color and she told me the brand would change my life. She was not wrong! The ONLY con about this brand is that you have to guess which shade you may like or which one will match your skin tone the best. It sucks when you have to order another because that certain shade you ordered doesn’t look as good on you as you thought. However, that is all about to change, according to this article. ColourPop is said to be coming to Sephora this November! Even better news? Their prices will still be the same affordable costs that we ColourPop hoarders love. 

Oh, that brings me to another good point. I received both of those brushes free with other purchases. ColourPop always has some sort of deal going on. From free shipping to free products. They’re so great at promotions!

About a month ago I ordered a Lippie Kit called Over Brunch and I don’t know about you but these Lippies really do make me want to get dressed up and have a brunch date. I love pink colors on my lips! I have enjoyed this kit so much.

Shop the kit hereFullSizeRender 2

I included the name of each Lippie Stix on the picture.

I am super excited about my recent purchase though! Which was this beauty…

Picture from ColourPop website.

The Yes, Please pressed powder shadow palette! It has been sold out multiple times and I finally received the chance to snag it up. I am so excited to get it in. Ugh,  I mean, look at those colors.  When I get it in I will share a post. They’re so pretty and they’re perfect for fall. It looks exactly like the Naked Heat Palette from Urban Decay… that is $55. However I bought this for $16 and right now they also have a grab bag promotion. Spend $10 and pick one item free, $25 pick 2, $40 pick 3, $55 pick 4 and spend $70 and pick all 5 items. 

Enough about this amazing brand. Go try their great products yourself. Head on over to ColourPop and tell me what you think!


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