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Home sweet home

~A vacation, an escape from everyday life, it’s good for your soul. You start counting down the months…weeks…days…hours until you leave for the vacation you have been planning for what seemed liked forever. Then BAM! It’s over and just like that you’re back to reality. Well, I have always believed pictures capture memories and speak a lot louder than words. So here are a few of my memories from the family vacation I just went on. We had a wonderful time in Florida, lots of laughs, hugs, food, water and sun~

One of my favorite things to do on the beach is waste away time collecting shells.
Call me crazy but I love the sand beneath me, the sound of the waves crashing up all around me, the sun beaming on my back, and the smell of the salty air.
My face before we discovered long, bumpy, boat rides on the ocean aren’t for me.
Just goofing off in Seaside with my brother.
If you ever catch yourself in Seaside, FL, please check this place out~Pizza by the Sea is delicious!
The pool was so refreshing after a long day on the beach!
What can I say? It ain’t easy being cheesy.
The ones I love the most!
Just a few pictures I enjoyed!



My honey
So blessed to have Jen!
My beautiful & loving mother

Pictures are so important to me because I really think they are the only way to hold unto memories forever. Wherever you go, whatever you do, take pictures.

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