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Nashville art wall crawl

Nashville is such a cool city for so many reasons. One neat thing I had been meaning to check out for a while is all of its wall art. Sometimes I simply just forget to stop and experience the beauty of my own town. So yesterday, a couple of my closest friends and I took advantage of the beautiful, sunny day and made our very own art wall crawl.

If you continue scrolling through this post you can see the trail we took (almost like you were on this journey with us).

Our first stop was Grimey’s Record Store located at 1604 8th Ave South Nashville, TN 37203. Grimey’s Too is the newer addition attached to Grimey’s, which is where they have all of their used records and CDs. There is also a book store and coffee shop inside. On the side of the building, in a patio area you’ll find this wall. DSC_0620After that stop, we headed over to 12th Ave South. This is one of my favorite places in the big, popping city of Nashville. With all it’s thrifty boutiques and cute restaurants, of course they have a ton of wall art too. Our next visit was the side of Green Pea Salon, 2900 12th Ave South Nashville, TN 37204 for the flower wall.DSC_0631This was my favorite stop because I love flowers and think they’re the best resemblance of nature’s beauty. So simple, so elegant yet so beautiful.

Just the next building over at 2902 12th Ave South is another inspiring wall reminding us to….DSC_0676Next, was the famous Draper James Wall located on the side of Reese Witherspoon’s store, Draper James at 2608 12th Ave South Nashville. DSC_0708Right across the street is the most famous wall of them all. Can you guess which one that is?DSC_0720Fun fact, I actually have a tank top with this wall art on it. I may be from here but I can look like a tourist too, right?

Then we grabbed some dinner at Frothy Monkey  before we headed over to the side of the Barista Parlor-Golden South located at 610 Magazine Street Nashville, TN 37203. In search for one wall and once we arrived we realized it needed a little bit more care or maybe just a pressure wash? IMG_3269Then, we were pleasantly surprised by the wall across the street….DSC_0810I really enjoyed the next wall we visited located at 906 E Main Street Nashville, TN 37206. Just looking at it really makes you want to let loose doesn’t it?DSC_0842Before we arrived to the freaks wall, we ran into this amazing yet terrifying mural painted a few doors down on the front of Edley’s Bar-B-Que at 908 Main Street. I decided to take a picture when we were walking back to the car. DSC_0881Our last stop was another very well-known Nashville wall. It is located in East Nashville on the side of Bricks at 625 Main Street Nashville, TN 37206. DSC_0894

I loved experiencing all this unique art. It only took us a few hours to hit a few of these art walls and there are plenty more. The next time you’re in Nashville you must visit these spots and if you come across the one’s I didn’t, be sure to let me know!

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