A gem in Georgia

If you love small town stores, good food and the great outdoors you need to visit Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to visit this little town (my boyfriend’s family owns a cabin close by) and when I do it is a real treat. There is an interesting spot of this town with a few rows of excitement filled with locally owned shops, franchise stores, restaurants, and more that I can spend all day exploring (I literally have).

First I’ll start with the food I have eaten in this neat little spot.  The restaurants I have been to are Blue Ridge Brewery, Serenity Garden Cafe, Fighting Town Tavern, The Vine (Wine Bar & Bistro) and Christy Lee’s Courtyard Grille but there are dozens more. I have yet to be disappointed in my food choice or the atmosphere of the restaurant. Anything from pimento cheese hamburgers, well-cooked steak, salads, freshly grilled trout and more— just the thought of it now is really making my stomach growl.

There are also dozens of boutiques and little, knickknack shops that you just can’t leave empty-handed; from a general store, ice-cream shop and even a fishing gear place. Of course, my favorite shops are all of the boutiques with the cutest outfits hanging on the mannequins in the windows– like Humbled Pie Boutique or Presence of Mine.

There are also festivals, trails, and so many other attractions I have yet to explore. This town filled with only 1,000 people has really impressed me.

For more information on where to stay, eat, shop and/or explore in Blue Ridge, click here.

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