Bartaco Review

12th Ave South in Nashville is becoming one of my favorite locations for cool places to venture and explore. It has neat little shops, restaurants and ice cream stores.

Bartaco is located at 2526 12th ave.

I had been wanting to try Bartaco for awhile now because I heard so many good things about it. My friend, Gracie, and I were not disappointed. If you are in or near Nashville, you NEED to eat here!

Bartaco is a cute, stylish, Mexican restaurant with great and fresh, food. They have cute little baskets hanging with lanterns from the ceiling. I thought it was a very creative way to decorate and add a little urban flair to the room.

I personally think restaurants that have not only great food but great atmosphere, are the best kind because you can really enjoy your whole experience.

As soon as we arrived and set down someone was there to take care of us. When we explained we had never been there before everyone was SUPER helpful. Our waitress explained the menu, the food, and how you call attention to your waiter… with a fly card (picture below). When you need something you simply put the card in the holder and every. single. time. we did our waitress was there instantly saying, “What did you need ladies?”

I think every restaurant needs to have something similar to this. That way your waiter/waitress doesn’t have to randomly and awkwardly keep checking on you, just to hear, “We’re fine, thanks.”


We ordered by filling out a paper with our name and what we want with how much we want. Their tacos are street style and their food is made to order. They bring your dish out as soon as it is ready, whether your friend’s food is ready or not.

I tried several different tacos and they were all mouth-watering, mmmm, mmmm, delicious!

Between my friend and I, we had chips and salsa, the chicken and rice bowl, and 3 tacos; pork belly, chicken and sesame ribeye. My favorite was the pork belly. Also, their margaritas were strong!

Everything was decently priced with semi-large portions.


It was a great experience and I will definitely go back to Bartaco!

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