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2016 Reflections

2016 held many ups and downs for me.

I bombed exams, I lost friendships, I spent too much money, I made mistakes, but I achieved goals, gained new friendships, and learned life lessons.

I would say that 2016  was a year full of learning. I probably learned more life lessons than I have any other year thus far. If I counted all the negative that happened to me this year it would seem like I had a bad year BUT I know that’s not true.

I really didn’t realize how awesome of a year I had until I actually started reflecting on all of the positive memories and I know I had so many positive experiences. It’s really all about your attitude and your outlook on life, making the most of every situation. Sometimes the best you can do is highlight the positive and forget the negative. So, I’m counting my blessings.

January: I started the semester as secretary of my sorority (which was one of the best things to happen to me in college) and I held my position all year. I also took a trip to Memphis for the first time and made a visit to Kappa Delta Headquarters.12523066_10205673811503924_2279654463719460721_n.jpgFebruary- Dylan and I celebrated our two year anniversary (love that boy) and I traveled to NCTA (national collegiate training academy for Kappa Delta) with our whole council. I met some of my sorority sisters from around the nation and learned so many things that will benefit me for the rest of my life.12705305_10205847842534591_8605194258085830527_n.jpgMarch- Dylan and I took a trip to Tybee Island and Savannah Georgia (somewhere I have always wanted to experience). My sorority raised the most money we ever have for our philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse America. 12813893_10206037813083736_2002045207771706314_n.jpgApril- My sorority had our first ever mother/daughter tea and I loved showing my mom why I am so passionate about something. 13051535_10206397837964133_8753008214185103171_n.jpgThis summer was full of exciting birthday celebrations for me. I feel as though I spent the whole summer celebrating 21st’s, though I turned 22, I still loved watching my friends be so happy.

May- I turned 22 years old and I went to a vineyard with my mother then hung out by the pool with all of my best friends to celebrate.13256311_10206574785947722_1163117336506048163_n.jpgJune- I started a new job at a boot store in downtown Nashville (that I love)! I saw my favorite Disney movie Beauty and The Beast, live at Tennessee Performance Arts Center. Something happened that my best friends and I had been talking about for a long time, Saidee was proposed to!13412993_10206715798752954_8319481401499658820_n.jpgJuly- For the first time ever, my family took a beach trip and we experienced July 4th on the beach. (Something I have always wanted to do!) I went to CMA fest for the first time too. 13692592_10206928071139631_3815091317641809776_n.jpgAugust- I started my senior year of college (woah what?) I really took advantage of the pretty, lake-weather month. 13962479_10207161843183786_2830260389464340871_n.jpgSeptember- I experienced my last rush/recruitment and bid day as a student (which is always a really exciting time). We also celebrated my dad turning 50!14355553_10207384584072169_7375278968100654647_n.jpgOctober- I made the absolute most of Halloween, which is my favorite holiday, and dressed up 3 times (that was a first too). I took a fun trip over fall break to Dollywood with my boyfriend and our friends that are another couple. unnamed-4.jpgNovember- I experienced my last home-coming as a student. I watched my school, TTU, and my favorite sports team, UT, play football. unnamed-5.jpgDecember- I finished the semester with a 3.2 GPA and made the dean’s list for the first time. I had the absolute best Christmas with my family.

Last BUT not least, I had the most views on my blog that I ever have since I started in 2014. I want to thank everyone who has supported me in my blogging journey, even if you just viewed once, you have no idea how much it means to me! It’s been a wonderful year for me and I hope it’s been wonderful for all of you. I am looking forward to more great and positive experiences this year.

Count your blessings and happy 2017!

4 thoughts on “2016 Reflections

  1. What an accomplishment, so proud of that grade too. It soon will be over and what memories these 4 yrs. have brought for you. Meeting Dylan and all your Kappa Delta friends. What a privilege being the Sweetheart for the guys. We always worry when you go away to College to see how you adjust to college life and complete it. You have grown to be such a beautiful person inside and out. I didn’t know you were on the Dean’s list, so proud of you. Love you so much, Nanny.

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