Yummy places to grab a bite in Nashville

Nashville is a huge city and there are so many places to eat and try. If the atmosphere is cool and the food is pretty good then the experience is so much better — Nashville has just that.

I have spent a lot of time in this city due to work. Here are just a handful of the restaurants, in no order, that I had the time to enjoy the most during this summer.

Biscuit Love: A southern-style, breakfast and lunch restaurant that started out as a food truck and came to the heart of the gulch in 2015. I’ve really enjoyed their yummy mimosas and their soft, warm biscuits. My favorite thing to eat there is the “Wash Park”, a beef burger with pimento cheese, and bacon jam on a biscuit. It will literally melt away in your mouth. Their staff is so friendly and I though the Nashville sign with lights located on the back wall was pretty neat too. This is a great place to go for brunch.

Puckett’s: With multiple locations, the one I am referring to in Nashville is located on Church St. It is a southern style restaurant and grocery. I have never been disappointed by this place. My favorite plate is the “Puckett’s BBQ”. It is pulled pork with your choice of chicken or beef brisket, smoked over cherry wood and piled on top of a bun served with fries and your choice of another side. I’m a sucker for some good mac & cheese so of course I always choose the skillet mac and cheese. They have multiple meat selections, soups, sandwiches, homemade sides and all that yummy, comfort, food your grandma specializes in but with live music too!

The Pharmacy: Also known as “The wurst burger joint in Nashville”. The Pharmacy is a burger parlor and beer garden located on McFerrin Ave. My favorite place to sit is outside in the beer garden with picnic tables surrounded by strung lightening, the whole scenery is just breathtaking. It is the perfect date night place. They have the best burgers in town and I’ve tried about every burger on the menu from the pharmacy burger, to the chili burger, to even the black bean burger. They prefer to craft their own condiments as opposed to purchasing them and as strange as it may sound, they have the best ketchup.

Urban Cookehouse: I stumbled upon this place accidentally one day as I was trying to find somewhere to eat with my friend and her brother. Located in Broadway but closer to midtown, they live by the motto, “buy local, eat urban”. I had no idea what to expect of this place but I was impressed by the really good quality food in a friendly environment. Their menu consists of sandwiches, greens, wraps, and sweets and their half-baked cookie will satisfy any strong sweet tooth.

The Stillery: Located on 2nd Ave, this place has outstandingly fresh food. The mac and cheese is orgasmic. There’s hot chicken, moonshine, live music, and a great atmosphere. Their menu consists of greens, house specialties hot plates like chicken, catfish and steak, pies, sandwiches, and even some mason jar cocktails.

Nashville Street Tacos: My weakness. It is conveniently walking distance from the boot store and located on 2nd Ave as well. I would have it for one or two meals a week. Their menu may be short but it is extremely to the point. It is almost like a higher scale subway but taco version. You can watch them make your food in front of you and choose from many condiments to add. I always get the chicken quesadilla with cheese, pico, and lettuce. I don’t know what they do or how they do it, but quesadilla is the best one I have ever had… every time!

The Turnip Truck: They have 2 locations in Nashville but I have only visited the one in the gulch. It is a fast, fresh, locally owned food grocer. I was a little skeptical at first because I am not a fan of organic food however it is delicious. You can buy a few groceries there as well as pick our your meal from the buffet. It’s fast, convenient, and yummy. It is definitely a place to check out.

With Nashville being such a huge city and I am usually only there for work, it is hard to make time to try so many restaurants so these are just a few I enjoyed the most. I can’t wait to try and share more!



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