Lost at sea

This isn’t an article to brag about this past week on the beach with my family, however I do hope this is an article worth your read.

When I was growing up our family vacations consisted of traveling to Gatlinburg, TN once a year and spending the weekend doing anything we could get into at the mountains. It was always such an adventure for our family that we enjoyed. As I got older, my mom and I took several mini vacations and even went on a couple of mission trips out of the country.

The older I became the more I realized how expensive traveling was. When your family owns and runs a business it becomes quite difficult to go on a week long vacation anywhere, especially to a beach eight hours away, and then before you know it the years start to add up.

Life started to get in the way and other expenses started to come up. So for that fact, we never went on a week-long vacation. We were always on the go with work, school, other activities, (for my family that meant dirt-track racing.)

There is very little time to sit down and have a real conversations with each other. We have the weekends, but the weekend may not be enough to catch up on things happening in our lives.

We face a lot of things on a day to day basis. I deal with school and my parents and brother deal with running the family business. It can be hard to find time to fit anything into our schedules.

I love that over the past week we put our daily routines aside for a little while, we kicked back, we relaxed, we talked. We enjoyed our vacation to the fullest. We did things we wouldn’t normally do with each other, like deep sea fishing.

Years from now I will look back at our family beach pictures and relive the wonderful memories once again. Memories that are cherished and remembered for as long as I will live.

We had fun, with no worries.  

Vacations will pull a family together, They’re important, because they reinforce the fact that quality time is essential. So, for that fact I am so thankful for this past week.

We laughed until we cried, we learned things about each other, we made memories; in hopes to what will be a new family tradition.

So now we are back to reality hopefully with clear minds and stress free starts.


My wonderful family: Jen (my brother’s girlfriend) my brother, Dad, Mom, Dylan (my boyfriend) & me. 

Special thanks to Jen (who has become a special friend to me) and her family for welcoming us into their family beach home. 




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