Pack a punch

Packing….. I leave for vacation tomorrow and though my excitement has risen out the roof, I dreaded packing. If it’s a weekend trip, a week-long trip, by car or airplane, packing is not fun. I’m a planner so packing is way more stressful to me than it needs to be. I get terrified by the thought of reaching my destination and realizing I forgot something important or even something simple like one of my favorite outfits.

I have traveled many times in my life and packed many times too but this time I decided to get smart. For a week I had a list of items I need to pack located on my phone that I was constantly updating. Which helped a lot but here are some important things I did to really help eliminate the stress of packing.

1. Visualize vacation-I visualized everyday of my vacation. I thought about the activities I will experience during my travel and made a mental list of clothes or accessories I will need to do them. Since I am going to the beach, the list included clothing for dining out, clothes for the ocean and pool, etc.

 2. Outfit Coordination-I packed items of clothing that can go well with numerous outfits. A few shirts I can switch up between a skirt, shorts, and jeans. A few rompers that can be dressed up for dinner or dressed down for casual wear. Clothes that I can mix and match, that way I am not packing items I’ll only wear once. This goes for other accessories too, such as shoes, and jewelry. I coordinated so that each of the colors and designs work together. Luckily since its summer, I can pack thin layers of clothing and have more space and flexibility in my suitcase.

3. Weather Check- I checked the weather forecast for my vacation destination. If you don’t check the weather before you begin packing, you may end up spending money on clothing that you need while you are on vacation and that is no fun.      

4. Don’t forget the small things- Think outside the box and try to consider everything you will need. Vacationing to the beach, I had to remember to consider to pack sunscreen, Aloe Vera Gel, a swimsuit cover up, sunglasses, sun hat, Empty Ziploc bags to hold damp swimsuits, and store shells for the long trip home, a book, my camera, etc.

5. Pack Light- I know it’s hard…. but possible, with some careful organization. It’s most useful because it means there is less for me to carry. If you’re like me and packing light seems impossible, tightly roll your clothing to gain more space in your luggage.

6. Travel List- Then once I sat back and realized all of my packing was done; I started to write down a list of everything I packed. I wrote each item on the list and I plan to leave it in my suitcase for my next vacation. Then next time I take a trip, I won’t have to do all that work again.

But most importantly, don’t stress if you forget something, you can always buy it at a local store if you absolutely need to, and HAVE FUN!

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