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The Women With Big Hearts

We are the women that only know how to love with everything in us.

  • We  tend to over think just about every little thing that comes our way. If you asked any of our friends or family, they’d all tell you the same thing, we have a big heart, and that when it comes to people, we are the first to remember their birthday or tell them how much we appreciate them in our lives…at the most random times.
  • We wear our heart on our sleeves. It doesn’t always work out in our favor and people do not always understand the way our hearts and our minds work together. It may not always be good thing to care as much as we do, but it’s all we know how to do.
  • Our hearts are wide open. When we fall in love, we fall fast and hard. From that point on, we give it all we got without a second guess. Not even falling in love; I am talking about love in general, we love people. We immediately find the good in everyone, which can be a good or bad thing. So when they hurt us, it hurts really badly. We know that we forgive way too easily. This in itself is a blessing and a curse but no matter the situation, we will always forgive those who have hurt us. We don’t completely let people walk all over us, but we believe in the power of forgiving and loving.
  • We want (and need) to do nice things for you… We put thought into every action we do for someone else. We do way too much sometimes too. If you are receiving a present from us we have put way too much thought in it and most likely have gone all out for it. It makes us sincerely feel good that the people in our life feel appreciated, loved, and cared for.
  • We remember every tiny detail anyone will tell us. Whatever you tell us, we remember — and it’ll be our goal to shock you with the details later. If you invite us to an event somewhere months before, we will expect to be invited again because….we remembered. If you tell us your favorite band and a year later forget to keep us updated with your new favorite band, we will just assume it is still Florida Georgia Line from when you told us a year ago…because we remember.
  • We take everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to heart and we even know better. We try our best to keep up with sarcasm, to be witty, and to fake it till we make it but sometimes our heart wins. When we crack a semi-sassy joke, our family and friends are always surprised. In all reality, everyone thinks we are too sensitive. That may be the case but it’s just our big heart. We have to constantly remind ourselves that not every little thing means something. The thing about having a big heart is that it comes with pretty deep-rooted emotions. We have to constantly talk ourselves down off the edge of an imaginary cliff where we see all of my hopes, dreams, and future plans crashing down around me (when one tiny detail of a plan doesn’t go according to plan). We can’t tell you how many times we have replayed conversations in our heads and we forget to remember that sometimes things people say… they say without thinking.
  • We appreciated every little thing. So that is why we experience a lot of tears, happy tears. You got engaged? happy tears. You remembered my favorite song? Happy tears. You told your mom I was your best friend you have ever had? Happy tears. (I recently went to the Broadway version of Beauty & The Beast with my family. I grew up loving that Disney-channel, original, classic. When I was the ages five-ten, in my head I was Belle. So when I was watching the play and thought of my childhood….it was beautiful. So guess what? happy tears were flowing!!!
  • People think we are naive and a tad bit dramatic, but we are actually knowledgeable and loving. We just choose to see the best in people. With that being said, we sometimes give too much, so you may sometimes need to make an effort to give more. We don’t necessarily give to get something in return, but we sure would like it. If not, we start to wonder if you care as much as we do. Small gestures go a long way for us.
  • We need constant affection.  Words of affection, physical touch, hugs… we need it all. Close family & friends: when we see you we want to hug you, regardless if it’s a half hug. We love to be surrounded by you because you matter the most in our life. Lover: when we’re together, we want you to tell us you love us; that we are awesome; that you appreciate us, or even just a small conversation. The best part? We always return the favor.
  • We can be idealistic about love. We know as well as our friends, parents, co-workers and pets that we can be a little unrealistic about love. We know what true reality brings and we know that love won’t always be how we pictured it but we have watched too many movies and read too many books to go back now so just be patient with us.
  • More than anything, we truly believe in love. We have the ability to love… a lot. We believe in love that surrounds us. We believe in the people in our life who love us. We believe the love we see through strangers but most importantly we believe in the love we have with you. It doesn’t have to be perfect — because love never is — it just always has to be there.
  • Our hearts will ALWAYS win. No matter what, our hearts are always going to trump our rational thoughts in our minds, we just learned to deal with what ever comes our way.

If you have a big heart, I am sure you can relate to this. And if you don’t that’s okay to because I promise you that no one will ever show you (if you’re family, friend, or a lover) love like a woman with a big heart.

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