The Unknown Voices of Summer

If a June night could talk,
It would say
That it counted down weeks
That turned into days
Into minutes and seconds
Till summer came

If the sun could talk it would say
You have to keep on your shades
To drown out the bright shine
Because this is the time
To spend with your friends
And enjoy the Ice cream
That’s melting down your hands

If the pool could talk it would say
There is no need for pencils
There is no need for pens
Put on your favorite bathing suit
Jump right in
Lay on the float and soak
up the warmth of the summer sun

If the grass could talk it would say,
I’m so pure and green,

Because the sun is so bright,

& life is much more carefree
Because there are no worries in sight

If the temperature could talk,
It would say.
Today is the perfect day to
To play at the park,
To go on a run,
To swim, to hike, to fish,
To have endless amounts of fun,
Do anything you wish
When it feels this good.

If the beach could talk it would say,
Right now is the perfect time to come visit,
The time
For searching for seashells in the sand;

For spending the day
sunbathing to get a tan;

To do all these things and even more

down at the seashore.

If the wind could talk it would say,
That today
It caught a kite
& last night
It saw the firefly’s light

If the flowers could talk they would say,
Could you smell us
from the tip of your nose?
And what about the grass
In between your barefoot toes

If July 4th could talk it would say,
Today is Independence day.
It’s time to go watch the parade.
As you enjoy,
The taste of hot dogs
& the coke,
That fizzles down your throat
Then smell of all the barbecue smoke.
As you wait for the firework show.

If the summer stars could talk they would say
That they hear the sounds of the night
They weren’t sure but they thought that it might
Be everything from the country music to the
Sounds of the insects to small to be seen
To even the sound of the slam from the front door screen

But I say.
It’s coming,
In my head,
I hear it patiently humming,
It may be slow
It may be steady
I’m so ready
for Summertime.

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