The 10 Best Places To Grab A Bite In Cookeville, TN.

have discovered something neat about this town: it really has some of the best food you will ever put in your mouth. That is one of my favorite aspects about this small, homey-like, town. I have been living in Cookeville, Tennessee for a few years now and have tried so many places to eat here. If you’re like me and are a food connoisseur, (and I mean, really who isn’t?) you’ll grab a bite anywhere.

The other night as I was sitting and eating dinner with my friend Ray, who just so happens to be from Cookeville, we were discussing some of the best places to eat in this town, as we always do. We both agreed that Cookeville has a lot of great local places. He suggested I share in an article about what I think the best places to eat in Cookeville are. So here’s what I came up with:

10. Moogies BBQ: Located on E Spring Street in a small brown like shack, I was a little skeptical about this place at first. However, this place has become my go-to for BBQ in Cookeville. It’s unlike any BBQ I have ever had before, with it’s own twist on a whole new smoked flavor. The inside of the place is pretty cool too. It’s mainly a drive-through but there is one big room with a few tables. The walls are sea foam green covered with signatures of people, quotes, phrases, and more. I really enjoy this place. Don’t knock it until you try it because seriously, it’s BBQ heaven.

9. Fuji Hibachi & Sushi: They have a very wide selection of sushi. I have tried various rolls here and I haven’t found anything that I didn’t like yet. California rolls are really great and even their teriyaki chicken is good. They also have really great lunch specials for sushi. They have good prices on all there food. There are hibachi tables as well as regular meals. The food is very good quality, fresh, and very flavorful. This is one of my favorite date places in Cookeville!

8. World Food’s: Let’s talk about a hole-in-the wall place. I drove by this place so many times before realizing it was a place to eat. When I finally tried it, it was beyond my expectations. Though it’s literally smaller than my apartment, it has a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. You don’t have to immediately pay when you walk in. After you order, get your food, and grab whatever drink you can help yourself to in the cooler, and eat, then that’s when you pay. Their pizza is delicious and though I have never tried one I hear their subs are great too. I enjoy the pepperoni pizza and tomato & cheese pizza. The crust! The tomatoes! The flavor! There’s nothing more I need to say than you really got to check this place out.

7. Father Tom’s Pub: A classic Irish pub feel, a nice inviting place, with really delicious grub. I always order a mouth-watering burger and beer-cheese soup, but I promise you even their shoestring fries are to die for. They remind me of McDonald’s fries… but only because of their shape. They’re actually delicious. They have lunch and dinner specials, and even a whole menu dedicated to brew, wine, & spirits. Zomato, a restaurant information and recommendation app, even agrees with me, they rate them a 4.9 out of 5 stars.

6. The Cooke House: A social dining place, located right on the square of Cookeville. It has a unique and diverse menu, a menu very hard, so hard to explain you’ll have to check it out on your own. The inside of the place is beautiful. Though you don’t have to dress nice to feel welcome there, the place has a fancy atmosphere about it. With chef specials, they have brunch, lunch, dinner, and even a fall menu. Their menu is seasonal so some of their items do come and go. Their food is incredibly fresh and their plates are somewhat small plates, but they provide many main plates for a fuller meal. My favorite experience there was their Valentine’s 4-course special. You have to try their food!!

5. Spankies: What makes Spankies so great is not only that they have such great food and drinks, but they also have such a fun and relaxed atmosphere. They have live acoustic solos, mostly Joe the show, acts on Tuesday and Thursday; drink deals on Tuesday nights, and daily dinner specials. My all time favorite thing to order there is their spinach dip!

4. Cream City Ice Cream & Coffee House: I actually worked at Cream City for a little while, so I had something from their menu every day and I still never got tired of the ice cream. They have a huge selection of ice cream and coffee, as well as even smoothies, nachos, and hot dogs. Their ice cream comes freshly from Mike’s Ice Cream in Nashville, TN. Cream City is located in a historic building and I have always thought that gives such a neat attribute to the place. My favorite flavors are Mexican chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, and loaded butterscotch. If you’re an ice cream and coffee lover, try the Affagato, which is a scoop of any ice cream flavor of your choice and a shot of espresso.

3. Seven Senses Food & Cheer: It’s a fantastic little upscale place, great for lunch and dinner, located on the west side of Cookeville. Their menu is different; though it is only one page long, it has a good variety of meal offerings all at an affordable price. Their food really is amazing. I try something new probably every time I eat there and have yet to be disappointed with their menu. I love the bacon, cheese, grit, puppies for an appetizer or even for a meal if I add a side. They have a really neat atmosphere with a full-service bar, specials, and live music on the weekends.

2. Mamma Rosa’s: They have the best pizza I have ever eaten…and I have had a lot of pizza. They have delicious homemade red sauce. They serve fine Italian food and pizza and they are always my go-to for pizza in Cookeville. The place is like a locally owned Olive Garden … but better. It’s almost like a hidden restaurant located in a beautifully, authentic, Italian like house. Their food tastes so good, probably because of the fresh ingredients cooked by what seems to be real Italian chefs. Each meal is cooked to order specially for their customers. Their dinners are always plentiful and leave you feeling full.

1. Crawdaddy’s: By far my favorite place to grab a bite in Cookeville. It has never disappointed me. They have great, well-prepared food. Their menu has a lot of variety with plenty of choices to choose from to satisfy anyone, even if you don’t like seafood or Cajun food. It’s not just their food or bar that makes this place so great though. It’s the experience you get when you go there. It is a beautiful white brick building with a warm and cozy feeling on the inside. On the outside, you can sit and eat your food out on the patio of the beautiful, garden, courtyard. They serve great drinks yet they are also very family-friendly. I’ve even gone for brunch in February and enjoyed eating my food on the second floor of the heated porch. I have never heard anyone say they didn’t enjoy eating there. They have excellent steaks. My favorite thing to order is their steak medallions. They melt in your mouth with a buttery-like texture. The delicious food, the fun atmosphere, it’s truly a place to eat, relax, and hang out.

You have got to try these places out!

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