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Why I Believe In Soulmates

I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe in soul mates and I truly believe there is someone in this world made specifically for you. I hopelessly love real love and everything that comes with it, the strength, the passion, and everything good and bad about it. I believe you can fall in love at a young age or an old age. I believe when you know someone is the one for you, you just know. I believe in any kind of love at all because I know the greatest love story of all time: the love story of my parents.

My parents were 14 and 17 when they fell in love and got married; yes I said 14 and 17.They have been happily married for 31 years as of last August. My mother was pregnant at the age of 14 with my older brother and that does mean she was a freshman in high school when she had her first child. I can’t imagine this happening to me. They had to grow up so fast. I have so many other things going on in my mind. I’m too worried about being young and having fun. My parents are my role models because they have come so far from where they once stood.

When my Mother, 14 years old, thought she was pregnant she discussed it with my Dad, 17 years old, and then he asked her if she wanted to get married, and naturally, she said yes. As soon as my mom and grandma got the news from the doctor, they had a family meeting. The 6 of them, Mom, Dad, and both set of grandparents. Mom’s parents were devastated, and Dad’s were upset too, but my parents told them what they were going to do. After the long discussion, they all agreed.

My parents say that the thought of not having my brother never crossed their minds. Abortion was not an option for them. My mom’s parents even brought up the idea, but my parents absolutely refused. Plenty of people in the town doubted they would last, getting married and having a child so young. People said it would never work out. How could it, when they were still children themselves? Even the preacher that married them doubted them, but my grandmother got him to marry them anyway. The first year they lived with family members and shortly after, with the support of my grandparents, they got their own place. They even moved around few times as my brother was growing up. When my brother was 5 years old they bought the house that I grew up in, the place I have always known as home.

My mother, while a junior in high school, went to school from 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.and work from 12:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. She was a student, a worker, a mother, and a wife all by the time she turned 18 years old. She was changing diapers, cooking dinner, going grocery shopping, and doing homework. A lot of my family helped them as well. truly think that is incredible because I can barely get through a week of college without having an anxiety attack at the current age of 21, with not even half the stress that she was dealing with.

My dad is the hardest working man I know. I have never met anyone like him. He’s the fixer and the provider for our family. He’s successful, smart, reliable, loving, and loyal. I don’t know where we would be without him. It’s incredible that he started a family when he was only 17 years old. He made a hard decision when he was in high school. He dropped out his senior year and he never earned his high school diploma. He never received his GED, instead he grew up fast, he became a man for his family, and he worked to support the family that he started and he stayed by my mother’s side the whole time and supported her decision to finish school. My dad was 29 when he first opened his own business. He has come so far, and I look up to him for this.

I had always known the love story of my parents growing up. It is like our own family fairytale but I didn’t really understand the realness of it all until I was a teenager in high school and I really started asking questions. You may think it seems impossible to know you’re in love at such a young age but my mom has always told me, “It’s funny because even though I was so young I just knew I loved your Dad.” It literally brought tears to my eyes the first time she told me this.

I admire my parents so much for their accomplishments. Instead of running away from their problems, instead of giving up, instead of not believing in each other, not believing in love, they stuck together. They were scared children with no clue in the world what to do next. Their love has gotten them through life. I think that’s a part of what love is, working through life’s struggles together. It’s not always happy, mushy, and easy. Sometimes it’s really hard and takes a lot of work. Not only do my parents show each other love but they’ve shown everyone else love as well. They shower my brother and me with love everyday in every single way they can. They are constantly pushing me to be my best, encouraging my decisions, supporting me, providing for me, and doing everything they can to make me feel loved. They have proved to everyone that doubted them they were wrong and they have shown the whole world that with love … anything is possible.



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