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An Open Thank You Letter To My Big Brother

I know you hate it when I get sappy, but just get prepared for it. You’ve been there for me my entire life. You have been steps (or, nine and a half years) ahead of me, and I am so thankful we are years apart because I truly don’t think we would be as close as we are, otherwise. You experienced life way before I have, and have taught me many things growing up. I value your advice and opinion more than you will ever know. There’s a trust between us that’s different than with anyone else.

You have told me when I was being a brat. And loved me for it anyway. You have hugged me when I needed it the most. You have been the only person in my life that can relate to dealing with our parents (not that it’s that hard, anyway). You have treated me exactly how the perfect big brother should treat his little sister. You’ve let me call you Bubby since I decided that was your name when I was toddler even though I am 21 years old and I still proudly call you that today. It’s pretty understood that you’ll always be Bubby to our family.

I never thank you enough for all that you do for me. Thank you for teaching me how to have fun but to be safe at the same time. Thank you for answering the phone when I knew I had done something wrong and was about to be in trouble, and helping me decide how to break the news to Mom and Dad. For picking me up from school when Mom and Dad were too busy. For taking me to hang out with your friends even though they’re years older than me. Although, I never felt too young because you never looked at me like the annoying little sister.

Thank you for teaching me how to shoot a gun, play laser tag, ride a go-cart, and all the other things you taught me that were so much fun. Thank you for teaching me how to love farm animals, aka your goats. For taking me to my first haunted house when I was 11 years old and the thousand times after that growing up. For letting me hang out in your room and watch you play video games even though I asked a million questions, but you never seemed to get too annoyed. For telling me how proud you are of me for doing things you didn’t do. But really, I was the one proud of you.
Thank you for offering to give me rides anywhere I wanted to go when I was growing up. Thank you for being my best friend and wanting to know things about my life and for never being afraid to share your opinions. Thank you for keeping my secrets and trusting me with yours. Thank you for only being a text message away when I need a laugh, someone to share my accomplishments with or just any reason to talk to my big brother. It really means the world to me knowing that you are always there. You truly don’t know how much I look up to you.

Thank you again for being the guy you are, the one I’m lucky enough to call my big brother, my best friend, my twin, and my role model. I could never express to you how having you as my big brother has made my life so much so better.

I guess while I’m thanking you, I should probably apologize for everything I put you through while we were growing up. I’m sure it got pretty annoying waking up every morning for high school because I would throw glasses of ice cold water on you, Whoops, sorry. But hey, it made Dad laugh and after all, what’s a little sister for, right?

I love you Bubby,

Your baby sister


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