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College Students vs. Winter Break

So here’s the truth, most of us college students work really hard during the semester and it’s almost impossible not too completely lose your mind due to schoolwork. Some of us spend weeks studying for our finals and others cram everything into a couple of days (which is equally as stressful). So it’s like we can physically and mentally feel it coming….Winter break.

Finals are slowly coming to an end and Winter Break is right around the corner. It feels so close yet so far away…and we’re all exhausted. Tired from our lack of sleep, tired of the same old food on campus, tired of getting out of bed so early in the morning, tired of spending countless days in the Library. We overwork our brain so much that we cannot wait for Christmas break and we really just want to GO HOME.

But what do us college students usually do for almost two months of no school? The problem is that we tend to get exhausted of the work and spend or break doing absolutely nothing at all. We don’t actually make the most of our “break”. We sleep in until 1pm every day, finish an entire season or 2 of a Netflix TV show, eat ourselves into a food coma, and just spend our time waiting for school to start back again.

However here are some ideas to try and to make the most of your winter break:

  • Get a job: we have so much time on your hands, get a job, and save money to use when school does start back.
  • Go ice-skating: because it’s a fun activity to door during the winter season and usually pretty cheap.
  • Read a book: 
I know what you’re thinking: but I just spent a whole semester buried in textbooks?? However once you find a book you actually enjoy reading can be really pleasurable and relaxing.
  • Visit your high school friends: 
We have all made a whole group of new friends at college, but we should take the time to see old friends especially since you’re all back in the same town for a while.
  • Take a road trip: With so much time without class over the winter break this is the perfect time to pile into a car with a few friends or members of your family and head off to somewhere completely new. It doesn’t have to be somewhere extravagant and expensive, just someone different. It’s always cool and fun to explore.
  • Re-connect with family: It’s stressful and hard to keep up with your family when they’re in another town and you have all this to deal with about school. During the holiday season you should make plans to spend at least a few days just with your family and nobody else.
  • Rest
: Just decompress and completely detach yourself from the stresses of college. Just spend a few hours watching your favorite Christmas movies, wrapped up in a warm blanket, with some hot chocolate.
  • Intern: Find a place to intern a couple days of the week and explore the field you are studying and think you want to spend your future with. It’s always good to gain experience.
  • Volunteer: go to a homeless shelter and volunteer for the Christmas season or do something as simple as give money to an Angel Tree.
  • Christmas shop till you drop: find the deals, grab a group of friends and head to the mall, and finish your shopping early. Giving gifts is just as rewarding as receiving them.

School will start back before you know it so make the most of your winter break while you can

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