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Giving thanks for the things we take for granted

Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what don’t have, to look at other people, and envy them for what they have that we don’t. Rather than focus on what we do have and be thankful for it. However we must remember that it is important to take the time to remember the things we do have and take for granted on an everyday basis.

I know I am so guilty of this and I’m not the only one. We focus so much on the negative in our life that the positive gets overlooked. Life may not always be perfect, things may not always go the way we want, and we may not have everything in the world that we wish for and sometimes we need a reality check. So Tis the season for giving thanks-and here’s a few things I am thankful for today and everyday, big and small:

Health, friends, family, boyfriend, weekends, pets, the ability to learn, the opportunity to earn an education, freedom of speech, freedom to write about whatever I want, a bed to sleep in, a car to drive, laughter, sunshine, food, water, cell phones, holidays, sunsets, nature, entertainment, employment and the opportunity to make your own money, electricity, music & art, spontaneous adventures, the country I live in, your parents-no matter how old you are they will be there for you at any problem, coffee, wine, puppies & kittens, movies, photos & pictures, the ability to travel, hugs, cozy fires & hot chocolate, bad days cause they make the good days better, good conversation, happy tears, family traditions, coloring books for adults are a thing now, all the cool technology out, Netflix,

So this thanksgiving when you’re sitting around the table covered in food surrounded by family and friends, or however it is that you celebrate, stop and think: What do you have to be thankful for?

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