Is Panhellenic love really a thing?

Two years ago I went through recruitment and joined Kappa Delta with three of my best friends from high school, a year later our other best friend went though and joined Phi Mu. Over the course of these couple of years I have made the best memories of my life in college and Kappa Delta has molded me, not into a different person, but into a better version of myself. Every sorority girl loves her own sisters, in fact you usually find your best friends, life long friendships you can cherish forever, and future brides maids in your sorority, however there are some of us who find our best friends in other sororities as well. So why is it that it seems like Greek Life in general makes it seems like you are such a sinner for becoming best friends with someone in a different Greek organization, it shouldn’t be that way. Since I started college I have made best friends and one of them so happens to be in ADPI. So yeah, I have best friends in other sororities, and I’m here to tell you why IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL & share some funny moments. Pan love can become more of a lifestyle than an idea, if we make it that way.

  • Last year I came home to my house I lived in with my four other roommates and we had KD letters in the window seal and as I walked inside I noticed we had a new door hanger & it was a Phi Mu one. I thought hmm this is different but I didn’t care.
  • People give me strange looks because I am in public with someone in a different sorority and it’s the end of the world…oh gosh. (complete sarcasm)
  • I always ask Gabriella (my ADPI friend) if she is going to the Greek life event that week and we always wish we could sit together but are too afraid the building may collapse if we do sooo….
  • Gab bought me a KD phone case & the cashier looked at her like “aren’t you an ADPI?”
  • Being confused on how to throw the KDPI (mix of KD and ADPI)
  • People mistake me & Gab for being in the same sorority all the time, sorry we bonded over coffee and journalism and pan love…
  • There was a sorority Dodgeball tournament and we lost but Phi Mu was still in and I was the only one in my section still standing up & cheering them on.
  • I openly suggest to my sorority sisters how fun it would be to have a joint date party with another sorority, but it hasn’t happened yet. So we will see.

It shouldn’t be a thing to make other sorority girls your enemies, let’s make it not a thing. Why are we so caddy? Why does it matter sooooo much what letters you wear on your chest (or even if you don’t wear letters on your chest) to the point that you have to hate them just because they have 3 letters and you have 2 or their letters look a little different from you. I’m just here to say I think this shouldn’t matter and if you like someone and want to hang out with them all the time than you do it, no matter if their ADPI, Phi MU, Non Greek, or if they were a big A on their chest. Just be kind. Support them for the decision they made to join another organization. We all have the same concepts. Be friendly. Share pan love.11220888_10205007216919476_5625426187181289876_n

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