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We are Sadly Back to Reality.

I was so busy in Florida, we were non stop going. I didn’t have any time to sit down and share about the rest of my trip.

I will start with where I left off. The restaurant on saturday night after the bike ride was actually called Lilly’s on the Lake and it was beautiful. It was in Clearmont, Florida. I was starving by the time we got to the restaurant but I just went with something simple to eat. I got a cheeseburger and fries, it was pretty good. As we were waiting for our checks Kayla and I let Nick and Lauren finish watch the rest of the Tennessee-Georgia game and we went outside and walked around on the pier. Lilly’s was literally on the lake. We caught the end of the sun setting right on the water. It was beautiful. All of the orange and yellow colors of the sun set bled into the blue colors of the lake. We took a lot of pictures.

12115596_10205205102906502_1812748003172498380_nThe next day was probably my favorite day of the whole trip. As soon as we woke up, we ate breakfast, drank mimosas, and got ready for the day. First we went to Publix and bought our tickets for Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal. They were only $50. Really we spent the first half of the day at Disney Springs. We just walked around and went into all of the shops. We basically spent the first half of the day exploring. I bought some souvenirs for my parents in the huge Disney store (that I can’t share about right now because they are probably reading this).

We went into Goofy’s candy shop and watched the workers as they made candy apples. There was a Lego shop with tons of different Lego boxes and huge creations built out of Lego’s. I have never seen so many different colors of Lego’s in my life.
We went into the Ghirardelli store and looked at of the chocolates. The sample of the day was the caramel chocolate, it was delicious. I’ve somewhat started this new thing of everywhere I go or anything I experience that I think is cool I buy a coffee mug from there because I love coffee so much. I bought a Minnie coffee cup from the Disney store and it’s so cute. It looks like the bottom of Minnie’s red and white polka dot skirt with her yellow shoes. We spent a lot of the day walking in and out of shops and enjoying the pretty weather. Then we stopped at some food trucks, ate a quick-lunch and headed off to Universal Studios for Hollywood Horror Nights.


I grew up going to haunted houses. I started going to them in middle school when my older brother would take me. It’s my favorite part of the Halloween season. I go to a handful of them every year, so I have experienced a lot of them in my lifetime. I am never really frightened of them, maybe a little scared but the adrenaline rush is what I love the most about it.

So to make my point, Hollywood Horror Nights was the best Halloween, haunted house, related thing I have ever been to. Like really it was awesome. We got there around 5:30, waited in line for a little while and then we walked throughout the whole park. The whole park was covered in Halloween decorations, like I am telling you it looked like Halloween threw up all over the park. Not to mention there were scary people all over the park. People in masks, some with chain saws, some with knifes, and some scary people were even on stilts walking around. They would chase you with their chainsaw, com up in your face and scream at you, do anything they could to get a scream or scare out of you.

The park was set up to look and feel like you were constantly walking through a haunted house. Most of the rides besides a handful were shut down and there were 9 haunted houses set up in the park, each with their own theme. We only had enough time to go to 5 of them, each line was at least 30 minutes to even 2 hours long.

I am still in shock that we only paid $50 for our ticket when any good haunted house is worth $25-$30. Except these were the best ones I have ever been to. Everything about it was just awesome, the graphics were better, the makeup was awesome, the actors looked so real, and I saw things done in them that I had never seen anywhere else.

We went to the haunted houses; Insidious,The Purge, The Walking Dead, There was a 3-D insane asylum, and one haunted house called The Run. My favorite were The Purge and The Walking Dead. I felt like i was inside The Purge movie. The alarm that goes off when The 24 hours of killing people is legal was literally going off. The people with knifes and weapons in their hands were so close to your face you thought they were about to touch you and could feel their breath on your arms. There was even a scene front he movie with one girl standing on tops of another girl stabbing her on a bed and you could feel the blood come up and splash you int he face. The Walking Dead was awesome too because all of the zombies got so close to your face and acted like they were about to scratch you. I couldn’t tell myself if they were touching me or not sometimes.

We went through those haunted houses and even had time for a few rides. We rode the Harry potter escape from the GrinGott’s ride, the Revenge of the Mummy ride, and the Men in Black ride. We visited Harry Potter World and tried ButterBeer for the first time. It was one of those nights I know I will always remember. It was the most fun I have ever had, I mean it had to be because we stayed there until they closed the park at 2a.m.

The next day, our (sadly) last day, we drove to a beach a couple of hours away. It was called Clearwater. It wasn’t such an adventurous day but it was a very well needed and relaxing one. We spent all day laying out on the beach, collecting sea-shells, and taking pictures.


I caught a lot of sun. Somehow I am burnt in only one spot on my right leg. It looks like i intentionally drew a square on my leg to get burn in, it’s really odd. The day was beautiful and peacefully. We headed home and Nick had dinner cooked for us. We had steak, shrimp, green beans, and baked potatoes and it was delicious. Then we sat down and watch a couple more episodes of the show we started the first night, Bates Motel. Then when I absolutely couldn’t stand it anymore I got up to go to bed. I was bummed as I packed up my bags to get ready to go this morning. I didn’t want to leave. Honestly, if I could have stayed longer I would have. Lauren and Nick were such good hosts to us and we had such a wonderful trip. I am sitting here writing this blog and thinking about how I had a trip I know I will always remember. I still don’t know how we managed to pack in so many activities just in a few days. The drive back seemed quicker though, we returned our rental car and now it’s sadly back to reality tomorrow.

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