Adventures · Life

“No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are, life is always winging it.”

About a week ago my roommate Kayla and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Orlando for our fall break and stay with her sister Lauren, and sister’s fiancé Nick. They leave in a town about 20-30 minutes right outside of Orlando. We’re broke college kids and thought it would be a nice and somewhat cheap vacation.

We decided to rent a car (shout-out to Ryan Gibbons), because we didn’t think either of our cars were reliable enough to make it that long and would rather spend the money on a car than have our cars break down and have to spend money on fixing it. Good logic huh?

So yesterday was the day. We got the rental car and left at 8am, we didn’t make it here until about 7:30 but we did lose an hour and sit in traffic for an hour and a half. The trip here wasn’t all that bad though. Our rental car is a 2014 Ford Focus and it drove very smoothly.

As soon as we got here we freshened up and went to a local pizza place. It was called Flippers. Kayla thought the name was funny cause they flip the pizza and in florida, fish flip? Yeah, we didn’t get it either. Lol We ordered two medium-sized pizzas and shared them. One was basically a meat lovers and the other was a cheeseburger pizza. I’m simple so the meat lovers was my favorite but they were both mouth-watering.  Then when we got back to the house we sat around and drank some wine and started a series on Netflix, Bates Motel. We watched almost 3 episodes. We were really into it. It was a good day.

However today was quite an adventurous day. We woke up and got ready for the day. We went to a bike trail and rented some bikes. The trail was called West Orange Trail. We biked to a little town called Winter Garden and they were having a cute little festival with tons of booths filled with lemonade and food, things to sell from anything to bath soap, house decorations, to homemade dips.

There was a band playing and it was a nice little festival to enjoy. One booth had at least 50 different homemade dips and they gave out cups of pretzels and you could try all the dips. There were flavors like loaded baked potato, “everything with bacon”, spicy jalapeño dips, and even sweet dips like caramel dips, and white raspberry chocolate. They were all delicious. I felt bad trying all the dips and not buying one… oh well. Then we went to a farmers market and bought some souvenirs.


There was a brewery by the market called Crooked Can and they had several different beers. Lauren and I both got what was a called a flight. You pay $8 for 4 different small beers. I got blueberry wheat, pumpkin cider, chocolate stout, and cloud chaser. The pumpkin cider was my favorite. It literally tasted like pumpkin cider. We sat around and hung out and drank beer. I really don’t think it gets any better than that. On the ride back to return the bikes I thought I was gonna die. I could really feel the burn in my legs. When we returned the bikes we asked the guy how long of a ride we had. It was a 10 mile ride. Let me tell you, my legs realize that it was a 10 mile ride. So far we are having so much fun and I am really enjoying myself. We had a really good ideal day! Right now we are getting ready to eat dinner at a restaurant called Lilly’s.

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