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Georgia, Here We (don’t) Come

Don’t you hate when things don’t happen the way you want them to?

My mom and I had a vacation planned to Tybee Island, Georgia. We have been planning this vacation for months. We were going to stay on the beach for a few days and then head back home, but on the way back home we planned to stop in McCaysville, Georgia and stay with Dylan (my boyfriend) and his family in their cabin on a river that flows into the Ocoee River.

We were really looking forward to this vacation. We heard so many wonderful things about Savannah and Tybee Island. We were so excited.

We left Tennessee early this morning around 6 a.m. We drove a few hours and then stopped for a bathroom break. We drove a couple of more hours and then stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel. Then we drove for  about 15 more minutes, by this time we are 5 hours away from home and 3 away from our destination. Then my mom’s car started to make a ding-ing noise. We were concerned. Then we noticed the notch usually in the “H” & “C” was all the way past “H” and the car started making a weird noise. I guessed the car was overheating.

We pulled off the first exit we saw and came to a Citgo gas station. Luckily it had an Auto Care shop attached to it. We got the car checked out and they looked at it for about an hour, but it wasn’t good news. After the came back with a couple of estimates we knew we couldn’t carry on with our trip. We were really disappointed and upset, why does that have to happen to us? So we called my Dad and he said to find the nearest motel and stay i it and he would be here first thing to get us tomorrow morning. So we left the Auto Care shop and made it down the interstate about 15 minutes but the car started acting up again. We pulled of the exit and as soon as we did the car died. At this point I was really upset. I don’t even care about not going to the beach. I am just concerned about my mother. She deserves the best vacation and I want her to have it.

Anyway, we stayed in the car for a few minutes and called a cab, but then a nice stranger pulled up to us and asked us if we need anything. He gave us a ride to the nearest hotel. The man talked about his wife, and his son, and his 15 year old daughter who is going through that teenage phase. Usually I wouldn’t trust to get in the car with a stranger but my Mom said it would be okay and after the man talked more about his life I realized he was just an ordinary guy. He said “You know there’s probably some reason you aren’t meant to go on your vacation.”

When we got to the hotel my mom went to pay him for gas and he walked away quickly and said ” I don’t want your money, I am just happy to help.” We thanked him so much and he got into his truck and left.

We made the most of the night. The hotel had a pool and we laid by it for a couple of hours then walked down to the mexican restaurant and ate.

We are still going to stay in the cabin this weekend and we are going to make the most of it. Now I am just left wondering why such bad things happen to such good people like my mother. I want to find someway to make it up to her but she deserves that fun-filled vacation that she wanted, had been talking about for weeks, and was so excited to go on.

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