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Why you should be grateful of your Mother everyday; not just on Mother’s Day.

Your mother raised you, with all her care and affection. She taught you what was right and what was wrong. She taught you your manners, how to say yes ma’am, no ma’am, how to ask politely, and never put your elbows on the table. Your mother always has unconditional love for you. When you fail an exam or quit a team, she still loves you, she supports you, and in her eyes you are always a winner. In fact, even if you are a quitter she offers eternal optimism. “Just give it you’re best and that’s the best you can do.” Your mother is your number one fan, your support system. She loves you regardless of the outcome. Your mother is always a shoulder to cry on. She was there during your first broken heart. She let you be upset and cry for days. Then she taught you to overcome breakups, to get over them. She taught you that there will be other loves in you life just like there will be more pain and broken hearts, just to make you stronger. She tells you to keep trying when you didn’t get what you worked so hard for. She taught you that it is okay to cry. Your mother is a teacher. She taught you to work extremely hard for everything, and to make do with what little you have. She taught you that a dollar goes a long way. She taught you that sometimes the most expensive isn’t the most reasonable. She taught you how to cook, and made you your first cookbook. She taught you how to find the bargains at the stores when you’re out shopping. She taught you how to balance your checkbook and how to love others. Your mother always encourages you. She tells you that you can be anything you want to be and no dream is too much to reach. Even when you know you’re not the best, you’re the best in her eyes. She encourages your creativity and even shows you how to be more creative. Your mother disciplines you. She yelled at you for making an F in algebra, for staying out too late, and for “never letting you have any fun.” Your mother taught you strong character. She punished you when you were wrong so that you could learn from your mistakes and grow as a person. Your mother sacrifices for you. No matter what it may be she always provided a bed for you to sleep, food on your plate, and clothes on your back. She sometimes even spoiled you on your birthdays and Christmas but never let you become too obsessed with material things. Your mother is a good judge of character. She told you not to hang out with those people because they could get you into trouble. She judged who you dated in high school and sometimes wouldn’t let you stay at one of your friend’s house because she wasn’t quite sure of what went on over there. She knew your best interest and she was always looking out for you. You mother is intelligent, big-hearted, and strong. She helped put you through school and explained words, and even life situations to you that you couldn’t understand yourself. She is big-hearted because she surprised you with gifts and always showered you with love. She is strong because she never let you go no matter the sacrifice she may have to have made. Your mother has a sense of humor. She taught you how to laugh even when all you want to do is cry. She taught you that it’s okay not to take life so seriously sometimes. She taught you to smile when everything is going wrong. Your mother is selfless. She always put you and your siblings and everyone else before herself. She put her dreams on hold to let you achieve yours. She does everything for you just out of pure love. Your mother is a friend. She is there to give you advice and to listen to you when you have had a bad day. She is there to have fun with, to laugh with. Your mother loves you. Your mother brought you into this world and she adores you. I love and appreciate you, Mom.

5 thoughts on “Why you should be grateful of your Mother everyday; not just on Mother’s Day.

  1. A beautiful post Shelby. My mom died 3 years ago, after a goon, long life. All these attributes you shared described my mom.

    You can never say thank you enough, and I am sure mom’s will never get tired hearing words of thanks and praise.

    Thanks for sharing this well written tribute! 🙂


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  2. Very well done, Shelby! So very true. I’m thankful I’m close to not only my Mom but also someone who is like a second mother to me. They are tough on me, support me and are there for me no matter what. Your post is a beautiful tribute and lesson to us all


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