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Here’s to you,

Since tomorrow is February—the month of Valentine’s Day, and my one-year anniversary with Dylan just so happens to be on that day, I thought I would write a post in honor of our relationship. He just recently started to read my blog so he doesn’t realize that I have mentioned him more than a time or two before in recent posts. He has become a big part of my life so I thought I should share. I couldn’t really decide what to post about at first or even where to start. I’ll just share how we came to be and go from there.

I guess should start from the beginning and how we met. The fall semester of our freshmen year of college we had an English class together. I quickly noticed this pretty-eyed, brown-haired, modest boy across the room. My first impression of him was that it was very obvious that he was a country boy. He was wearing a large camo jacket and a costa hat. When we spoke I realize that he was very nice, a little quiet, very polite, and had a southern accent that I recognized right from the start. Time went on and we would speak in class every so often but towards the end of the semester I started becoming friends with one of his friends, Seth Steed. Seth would refer to Dylan as his pledge brother, because they were pledging for the same fraternity. Seth always saved a seat for Dylan in class so we eventually all started sitting together.

Seth always set in the middle of us except one day I remember the seat assignments the most because the two boys set on both sides of me and I took the middle throne. They had a “contest” to see who could make me blush the most and spent the whole class complimenting me or making me laugh, by the end of the class that day my cheeks hurt. I thought about Dylan all day long that day and honestly, as cliché as it, I thought about those big eyes, that were all kinds of colors.

About a week later I’m sitting in the library and I receive a text from Dylan “Hey, this is Dylan. I was wondering if you could help me with the end of the semester project.” I responded and told him that I could and we made a time to meet the next day. So the next day I go to the library and wait…and wait… and wait, but I still heard nothing from Dylan. He texted me later that day apologizing that he couldn’t come. I didn’t hear anything from him for a while and every few weeks or so we would still continue to catch up and say hello. Towards the end of December he texted me and invited me to his fraternity’s Christmas party. To him I was his date, but to me I thought I was just getting invited to a party at a fraternity house. I ended up not going and I never really thought anything of it. Over Christmas break we somehow started to talk more and more and would pick on each other about how he stood me up in the library and I stood him up for his Christmas party. Then sometimes over Christmas break I moved into my house with four roommates. He just so happened to be in town the weekend I was moving stuff in, so he invited me to hang out with him and his friends and he came home with me and watched a movie with me and my roommate. He cried at the movie but my roommate and I laughed it off.

We soon started hanging out all the time and then it was almost every day. When we got back to school from break we never stopped talking and quickly I felt comfortable with him. I felt like I had known him my whole life and that I could talk to him about everything. He didn’t judge me. On Valentines Day, we had our first date.

This date is one I will always remember, not because it was perfect or because everything went exactly how it should. Actually everything that could probably go wrong on a date, did.


He picked me up from the house and my roommates, acted like parents, and took tons of pictures of us. It was a very cold, very rainy night. We went to dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in Cookeville but had to wait an hour to sit down, and then when we finally ordered and received our food, I hated mine but forced it down anyway. Then we didn’t know what else to do so we decided to see a movie. Before we went in he gave me my gift and it was a bottle of perfume. I loved it; I think I loved it so much because it was the first present I had received from him. We went inside to see a movie but the only good ones showing were rated R and guess who forgot their ID? Me! So we decided to just head back to my house because my roommates were having a bunch of people over for a “Valentine’s Party”. When we pulled up to the house I started to get out of his truck and Dylan said “wait” and I replied “yes?” But he just set in silence for a moment and then said “nevermind.” A little disappointed, I made my way inside. I went downstairs to my room to change for the night and when I was dressed he came down and told me he wanted to ask me something. I knew what was coming, “will you be my girlfriend?” he said, with hopeful look in his eyes. Then he laid his head on my shoulder as if he was embarrassed for asking such an astonishing question.

That night his two best friends pulled me into a room and asked how the date went and I told them everything from the rainy night, long wait, bad food, and not being able to get into the movie, and they just laughed. I told them how I wanted to go home with Dylan and meet his family but that I wanted Dylan to want to take me on his own time. Well I should’ve have known not to trust them…The next day Dylan told me he was going home in a couple of hours and for me to get ready and pack up and go with him. I was nervous and so many thoughts ran through my head. He lived three hours away from Cookeville, I had never gone home with a boy to meet his family before, what would I pack!? It ended up being a really successful trip and since then we have had many fun adventures (that I will share about).

This year has gone by very fast and very slow all at the same time. Some days have been the absolute best and some days haven’t been so good but in all we have made some incredible memories. We have traveled many miles and had many adventures from four-wheeling in Ringgold, Georgia, vacationing with our friends in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, visiting our families, his in Cleveland, Tennessee and then mine in Mount Juliet, Tennessee and going to his family’s cabin in McCaysville, Georgia.

There’s a quote in the movie No Strings Attached, “We don’t pick who we fall in love with and it never happens how it should.” I think this quote really relates to us. I wasn’t looking for anyone when Dylan stumbled (almost quite literally) into my life but I fell hard and I fell fast for him. Things have not always been perfect and we’ve been through some pretty bad situations. I never realized something was missing in my life so much until he was already in it and now I have no idea what I would ever do without him.

I don’t think anyone is perfect and neither is any relationship but in my heart I truly feel that Dylan is the perfect one for me. He always puts me before himself and always goes out of his way to make sure I have what I want and what I need before he tends to himself. I have never experienced anything like that before. Somehow I want to spend every single second of every single day with him. Though I never get bored with him he drives me absolutely crazy and then somehow I still don’t mind.

Being with Dylan, I see life in a whole new way. So many things that once mattered to me just don’t anymore. It’s not easy to explain and honestly not even really easy for me to understand myself. It’s really absolutely incredible. I feel so alive when I am with him and I never knew what I was missing out on before. I constantly find myself wondering how could someone like him, love someone like me?

He is everything I ever dreamed about and heard about in the fairy tales growing up. He is everything God has told me about. He opens his car doors for me, pays for everything, and never lets me go hungry. He’s a true southern gentleman and adored by anyone that meets him. I feel like every time I go out in public without him someone asks, “Where’s Dylan?”

I am never at a loss for words but when it comes to him it’s hard for me to gather exactly how I feel or what we share together. I know that it is very special and something very hard to find. He helps me grow and he challenges me everyday. He tests my patience like they have never been tested before. I think it’s the best kind of love. It just simply makes me so happy. I’m only twenty years old and I have a lot to learn about love and in life especially but if what I have to look forward to learning about is just a taste of what I share with Dylan, then I’m so ready for it. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.

I really think that God brought us together for a reason. We didn’t start off great or easy but I think everything we have been through has happened for a reason. We are constantly facing new situations to overcome and ways to grow together and better each other.

I don’t regret past relationships, I am actually very thankful for them because without them I would never have learned to appreciate what I have now. I know deep down in my heart that we are meant to be together. I know what we have is real and I am very blessed to have it. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.


“Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast. It is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves. Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 4-8.

2 thoughts on “Here’s to you,

  1. That is awesome (and what everyone dreams of having). I hope he appreciates what he has. Good luck to both of you and I hope your relationship turns out to be what everyone dreams of. I am a little jealous (haha).


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