Reasons why you should love Taylor Swift

I’ve come across several online articles and status’s about Taylor Swift lately since her new album 1989 came out. Everyone keeps being so negative about her. I personally think she’s a great artist. Unlike a lot of artists, she writes all of her own music and expresses how she thinks and feels through her songs. I think that’s true talent. She allows her fans a look into her life by listening to her music. I mean most of her songs have been about break ups but there are so many of her songs that every girl can relate to. Breakups are a part of life anyway. Like her song last kiss, “I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep and I’ll feel you forget me like I used to feel you breath.” That’s incredibly deep and so real. When you face a breakup you reminisce on the memories and you stop speaking. This age’s technology everything is online and you can literally see someone’s life on the internet now. I mean these songs are heard around the world by millions and millions of people. She is showing everyone her pain, she’s putting herself out there for humiliation, and she’s just allowing and showing everyone how she feels. The girl is brave. She wrote a song titled ‘Dear John’ clearly about John Mayer and she still continues to write songs about people that are obviously written about them and everyone knows it. She doesn’t care and I think that’s so awesome. One of her new songs “Shake it Off” from her album 1989, is one of my favorites. The lyrics “I go on too many dates, But I can’t make them stay, At least that’s what people say, That’s what people say, But I keep cruising, Can’t stop, won’t stop moving, It’s like I got this music, In my mind, saying it’s gonna be alright” are really inspiring. She is literally saying yeah I know what people are saying about me but I’m not going to let it get me down because I like making music and inspires me to do so. “Shake it off, Shake it off, oh oh oh”. I mean look at Miley Cyrus and what she represents and what her lyrics say. I think Taylor Swift is unlike any other artist. She is great and a real inspiration.

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